Most financial executives will face multiple job changes over their careers. FEISV’s Leadership Development offers quarterly speakers sharing guidance and insights to help members manage all aspects of their careers, as well as transitions, in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Events are typically held monthly and offer plenty of networking. Most seminars qualify for CPE credits.

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Upcoming Events

Nov 13

Building Engaging and Lasting Networks

Building Engaging and Lasting Networks In this session, networking trainer Lisa Ann Pinkerton, President of Technica Communications and teacher of the monthly San Francisco Green Networking Powerhouse Series will share a time-tested, simple and systematic process for building engaging and lasting networks. She will include her top 3 secrets for adding at least 250 people

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Nov 14

Job Search & Career Planning Roundtable

Job Search & Career Planning Roundtable If you are less-than-satisfied in your current career or job situation, come to FEISV’s Job Search and Career Planning Roundtable. This monthly roundtable has been instrumental in helping hundreds of our members work through complexities of their critical career move decisions and the very tedious, lonely job search process.

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