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April 2017

Julie Cavanna-Jerbic

Dear Fellow FEI Members, 

What an unforgettable evening with our FEI National Chair and SVP Cisco Systems, Prat Bhatt as our host! Prat honored our Finance Executives of the Year (FEOY) for Silicon Valley by noting their accomplishments and presenting their awards. Congratulations to our four FEOY’s: Gordon Heneweer for Large Public, Coopervision; Sandeep Nayyar for Small Public, Power Integrations; Betty Kayton for Small Private, President of Innovative CFO LLC and June Klein for Not-For-Profit, Palo Alto University. We are so proud to have such talented individuals in our Chapter. In addition, FEISV also congratulates George de Urioste as the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award CFO – Pluribus Networks and Board of Directors – Bridgelux. for his many contributions to the organization over many years. Our organization brings together the best and the brightest in Silicon Valley and our success is dependent first and foremost on members volunteering their time, talent and wisdom. As a result, we always want to take time to honor those that have done so much for our profession and for FEI’s Silicon Valley Chapter.

Following a terrific panel on Transformation in the Digital Age at Cisco, we are now looking forward to our 40th Anniversary Gala as a thriving Chapter. This April 18th Chapter meeting will also celebrate the Creative Culture of the Silicon Valley and Practical Innovation, hosting George Kurtz, CEO and Co-founder of CrowdStrike, Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, and Larry Keeley of Deloitte for a discussion on Practical Innovation! We will also be honoring our Past Presidents at our 40th Anniversary Gala, and I look forward to celebrating our notable finance leaders of all generations! Remember to invite a colleague or manager as your guest to connect with FEISV and join this outstanding group. We continue to grow members in large, small, and mid-sized companies while extending networking and development opportunities.

FEISV strives to bring many quality programs for member development. Don’t miss the Careers Session on April 18th if you are in transition, looking for a new opportunity, or just want to hear top recruiters talk about the market for senior finance professionals. We currently have a Professional Development Breakfast Session on April 25th on The Search for Currency Stability in a Sea of Market Change by Chase. Also this month, we are presenting our second annual Board and Diversity event on April 26th with a stellar panel including Connie Skidmore, Amal Johnson, Jack Lazar, and Evelyn Dilsaver - all seasoned board members. Our Affinity Group meetings remain in full swing, so stay tuned for details. Come join us for these exciting events and bring a guest!

As with each communication, presentation, and event, I am continually reminded of the wonderful contributors and volunteers we have in FEI Silicon Valley. As the President of this organization, it continues to be my honor to serve the membership. I am so pleased that we have fostered a group of professionals who are willing to rise to the occasion, help each when needed, and partner to be effective. We are united for a common goal and a common good, which is to network, develop, and advocate for each other to strengthen bonds and grow our profession! Please join me in thanking our National Board Members, our FEISV Board Members, our Partners, and the many volunteer members who make FEISV what it is and will be today, tomorrow and in the future.

I look forward to seeing you and your FEI qualified guest at the following member engagement opportunities:
  • April 12th Alliance of CFO’s
  • April 18th Careers Pre-Dinner Session: Executive Recruiter Panel
  • April 18th Chapter Dinner Meeting: 40th Anniversary Celebration and Practical Innovation Panel Discussion
  • April 21st Doing Good While Doing Well: Second Harvest Food Bank
  • April 23rd - 25th FEI Summit: Financial Leadership, Anaheim California
  • April 25th Professional Development: The Search for Currency Stability in a Sea of Market Change
  • April 26th Board and Diversity: Discussion of Diversity of Thoughts
  • May 9th Joint event FEISV/Rising Stars: What’s Going on at COSO? – A Lot!
  • May 11th - June 1st CFO Academy III

Mark your calendars now for these exciting events!!


Warm Regards,