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FEI National supports more than 10 ongoing committees.  The mission of those committees is to add a serious voice to policy making decision and help define the direction taken in the professional marketplace.  You have the opportunity to join these committees and have your voice heard, and your company’s issues addressed.  Whether your focus is on Treasury, Financial Reporting, Information Technology, Taxation or Employee Benefits, there is a place for you at the table.  If you are focused on how our lawmakers are drafting Private company accounting, compliance and governance policy there is a chance to be heard.


These committees are made up of Chapter members and National leadership personnel.  They generally meet quarterly, either in person or by conference call.   The policy committees arrange regular meeting on “The Hill” with elected officials and their senior staff to address the issues that impact our day to day working life.  If you ever feel like you’re being dictated to, by lawmakers who don’t understand your issues…….get involved and make a difference.  Every committee chairperson will gladly discuss their committee’s specific mission, structure and requirements with any FEI member.


Current national committees are:

The Private Company Roundtable Committee on Taxation (COT)
Private Company Standards (CPC-S) Committee on Corporate Treasury (CCT)
Public Company Policy (CPC-P) Committee on Benefits Finance (CBF) Committee on Corporate Reporting (CCR)
Corporate Reporting (CCR) Committee on Government Business (CGB)
Committee on Finance and IT (CFIT) Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF)


If you have an interest, feel free to contact your Silicon Valley Chapter National Relations Committee or contact any committee coordinator directly. Contact information is available on National’s website.  (http://www.financialexecutives.org/KenticoCMS/Communities/Committees.aspx).

Take a look.  Ask some questions.  Find a way to have an impact!  You’ll be working with some of the best minds in finance, making contacts, expanding your professional resume and helping to drive the direction of the marketplace.  We strongly encourage you to contact the committee – as we can add a recommendation to National.  You can make a difference!


Don’t want to get involved on a committee at the National level, but interested in what National has to offerConsider these links:

National has its own career center resources:


National has also set up communities and action teams. 


Or just browse www.financialexecutives.org and learn about all it has to offer.



Rick Brounstein, Chairman

FEI Silicon Valley National Relations Committee





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