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Ms. Julie Cavanna-Jerbic
President Elect (Programs)
Mr. Mark Muenchow
Second Vice President (Services)
Ms. Candice Leitner
Mr. Stephen Hilton
Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Bob Farkas
Mr. Todd Lowenstein

Committee Chair Members

Mr. Anup Singh,  Mentoring Co-Chair
Ms. Chantelle Breithaupt,  Mentoring Co-Chair
Mr. Greg Overholtzer,  Academic Relations Co-Chair
Mr. Ken Purfey,  Academic Relations Co-Chair
Mr. Dan Menudier, Programs Co-Chair
Mr. Scott Angel, Programs Co-Chair
Mr. Ryan Jenson, Communications & Social Media Chair
Ms. Candice Leitner, Special Events Chair
Mr. Gennadiy Vernikov,  Partners Co-Chair
Mr. Alan Seem,  Partners Co-Chair
Ms. Margaret Echerd,  Partners Co-Chair
Mr. Rick Brounstein,  National Relations Chair
Ms. Jan Robertson,  Social & Diversity Co-Chair
Mr. Manav Singh,  Social & Diversity Co-Chair
Mr. John Zott,  Career Services Chair
Mr. Steve Hall,  Membership Co-Chair
Ms. Petra N. Loer,  Membership Co-Chair
Mr. Steve Hall,  Membership Recruiting Chair
Mr. Pete Ravani, Membership Retention Chair
Open, Membership On-Boarding Chair
Mr. Randy Rucker, Professional Development Chair

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If you have any questions about FEI Silicon Valley or how to become a member, please contact:

Micky Robledo
Chapter Administrator
micky.robledo@feisv.org or feisv@feisv.org
Petra N. Loer
FEI Silicon Valley Membership Co-Chair
Steve Hall
FEI Silicon Valley Membership Co-Chair
Cell: 408.656.7266
Pete Ravani
FEI Silicon Valley Member Advocacy
Cell: 424.208.9913
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