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Careers seeks to provide support and services to assist our Members proactively manage all aspects of their careers as well as deal with job changes in this rapidly changing business environment. Most financial executives will face multiple job changes over their careers. In addition, financial executives are subject to personal risk and are involved in fiduciary and compensation arrangements - all of which are complex and interactive with their employers. As a result, financial executives require new skills and capabilities to preserver successfully through job changes and manage the personal legal and financial interests that flow from their positions and responsibilities. Meanwhile, the environment is changing dramatically. Developments such as the explosion of social networking, new tax and legal regulations affecting compensation, and the increasing litigiousness of the business world challenge our Members every day. The Careers Committee assists members with these issues thorough:


  • Quarterly seminars featuring speakers on career development and advancement subjects, and the personal financial and risk elements of a financial executive;
  • Real-time job opportunities and leads;
  • Workshops and seminars on career skills and transition strategies;
  • Vastly expanded networking and connection opportunities through our Chapter’s monthly events and dinner meetings.
  • Most Careers services seminars qualify for CPE credits.


Career Services

The Careers services programs are designed as a service to Members who are actively managing their careers. The Internet and social media, entrepreneurism, and the turnover that is a part of the rapidly changing corporate landscape of high tech and ultra-fast growth companies in the Bay Area have drastically changed the expectations for a career path. FEI Silicon Valley and the Careers Committee want to its Members to be as prepared for molding their careers as they are for handling the financial and risk elements of their business activities.

The programs are relevant whether you are in fully engaged in your employment, in transition, foreseeing a change in your current circumstances, managing your independent consulting business, or monitoring and managing the large volume of information about you which is available on the Internet and influences perceptions of your expertise and experience. These programs are a great forum to meet and network with peers, career coaches, professional service providers, recruiters, other career professionals and to hear from experts on how to manage all aspects of your career. Programs cover a diverse set of topics from “Consulting While in Transition” to “Managing Your Personal Brand” and from “You Are Only as Good as Google Says You Are” or “The Effective Use of LinkedIn” to “Current Trends in Employment Contracts and Compensation for Financial Executives”. “Personal Cyber-Security” and Tax “Considerations for the Financial Exec” have been recent popular subjects.

Executives in Transition Roundtable


Whether you’re in transition, marketing your consulting practice, or just want to stay sharp in today’s changing business environment, you can’t afford to get caught without a plan. That’s why FEI provides a peer-to-peer resource group to help you take — and keep — control of your career: the Executives in Transition Roundtable.


Don’t get stuck…

No matter where you are in your career path, the Executives in Transition Roundtable offers you key strategies you need to keep your career on track.

You’ll become part of a strong community where you’ll…


  • Share leads and opportunities in a group with a proven track record of helping members find profitable work.
  • Develop new skills, benefit from strategic thinking and get peer-to-peer support.
  • Analyze and develop solutions to real-life challenges facing group members.
  • Work through common barriers like age discrimination, industry domain pivots and VC/investor requirements.
  • Create and implement effective targeting strategies.
  • Expand your professional networks.
  • And much, much more…


“Executives in Transition Roundtable helped me by holding me accountable for my job search. I always left the meetings with renewed confidence and energy, and eventually landed a new and rewarding job.” —Craig Fairlee


“Executives in Transition Roundtable helped me to define and narrow my value proposition towards those companies seeking my specific skillset. The result was a materially higher hit rate on professional opportunities. I met some great people and continue to network with them to this day.” —Kurt Preising


“Ron does an excellent job facilitating and drawing out useful information that you can use to land a new role. I highly recommend the Executives in Transition Roundtable to any financial executive in transition and for every financial executive interested in maintaining and keeping up their network and marketability.” —Art Whipple


“Whether you are early on in the process of thinking about a change or currently searching for a job, this group can help you formulate a plan and help keep you on track.” —John Zott


Make sure you get a seat at the table

The Executives in Transition Roundtable meets at The Vita Companies on Shoreline in Mountain View on the second Wednesday of each month from 8–11 am. Attendance is limited, so pre-register.


About the facilitator

Meetings of the FEISV Executives in Transition Roundtable are facilitated by Ron Yu, Managing Partner at ExecCatalyst. Ron brings more than 20 years of experience in hyper-growth Silicon Valley software companies and now delivers coaching to high-tech executives and their leadership teams to help them accelerate smooth business transitions.


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