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Virtual Luncheon – COVID 19 – SBA Loan Programs

  • This event has passed.

In order for our members to stay connected during this time of networking isolation, we are creating a series of online meetups called “FEI members hanging out. A chance for our members to keep in touch and help each other during these unique times.

In order to keep the events intimate, we are limiting the number of registrations to 10 and are limiting partner registrations to 1.

We will be scheduling these twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 12PM.

If there seems to be more demand, or if there seems to be demand for more hangouts around special interests, we will gladly arrange those, too.

Thursday, April 9th  we will be discussing COVID 19 – SBA Loan Programs


Thursday, April 9th @ Noon – 1 PM

Members – up to ten
Partners – up to one



Registration is closed, please contact Micky at [email protected] for questions.