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Texas Hold’em Tournament

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Please join us for FEI-SV’s first ever online Texas Hold’ em Tournament on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

One-half of the net proceeds will go to support the FEI-Silicon Valley scholarship fund to support finance students at five local universities.


Zoom room opens at 5:30PM. Practice tables will be set up for players to understand the poker application. No registration is required to use the application.  We will start the tournament at promptly at 6 PM.

$50 buy-in, due upon event registration. This purchases 1,000 chips.
Additional unlimited $50 rebuys will be allowed until 7PM. Rebuys, however, can only be made after player has run out of chips.  Click here to rebuy.

Blinds will increase every 20 mins until 7PM. And then blinds will increase every 15 mins.

Winner takes home one-half of the net proceeds and bragging rights until the next tournament.

Hosting our tables are:

Matt Schlegel
Matt Schlegel founded Schlegel Cascade to deliver cost-reduction expertise to his clients. He identifies cost categories that require insider knowledge to identify excessive margins and applies that expertise to squeeze provider’s margins, typically saving clients 25%. The Schlegel Cascade team focuses on lowering cell phone, shipping, and merchant processing costs.

Richard Wang
Richard is a lifelong committed loan originator at Veridian Mortgage. Our goal is to zealously represent the consumer while collaborating and communicating with multiple parties, during a transparent process, in order to make sound, well-informed decisions in pursuit of your financial and homeownership dreams because… We love loans!



Registration is closed, please contact Micky at [email protected] for questions.