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Rising Stars – Escape Room Escapade with Lunch

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A new Rising Stars Activity, January 25th

Escape Room Escapade with Lunch

Please note, this is a first come first serve basis.  Limited to 12 people (8 Rising Stars and 4 FEI Members), we will keep a waiting list.

Please come join us for an exciting day trying to figure your way out of a staged “escape room”.

An “escape room” is a fun activity that puts 3-6 people into a large room or rooms and sets up a series of 5-10 sequential clues to try to safely escape from the room within a 1 hour timeframe.  While the clues are easy to read they are sometimes tricky or intellectually challenging and most often you have to search for them. And that is the fun of it!  Sherlock Holmes would do very well in this environment.

Note: nothing happens if after 1 hour the group cannot figure their way out, the exit doors are always open. Cameras and monitors are always connected with the control room in case of problems. It is very safe and fun.

We have reservations for 12 people total (Rising Stars and FEI Board members).

The reservations are for 2 Escape Rooms: one for beginners and one for intermediates (6 people each room).


DATE:  Saturday January 25, 2020


PLACE:  Omescape, 625 Wool Creek Drive, Suite E, San Jose, CA  95112 (near SJSU stadium, and not far from 101 and 280).
408-622-0505 if you wish to visit their website.
Parking is free.


BEGINNERS: This is recommended if you have never done this before:  “Kingdom of Cats” starting at 10:05 AM.   Sometimes, if you are on the last clue, the Monitor will give you a few more minutes.


INTERMEDIATES (and those who feel the need for a greater challenge): “The Sorcerer’s Sanctum” beginning at 10:30 AM.


The beginning times mentioned above are firm, and if you are late, the group will start without you and you will not be allowed to enter afterwards. As mentioned, the activity takes about 1 hour, so most groups will finish around 11:30 AM.
After finishing (or escaping) from the room, we will then proceed to have lunch to relax and decompress and discuss the successes and failures.



Whispers Café & Creperie, 150 S. 2nd St, San Jose, 95113, (408) 297-2850.  Very good food. This location is about 15 minutes away from Omescape location in downtown San Jose. You may have to pay for parkingdepending on where you park.  they have a wide menu of food and drinks.


TOTAL COST:  FREE.  All these events are sponsored by FEI, for Rising Stars. All you have to do is come and participate.


DRESS: Tennis shoes, Jeans and Shirts are fine. Skirts are not recommended.

Please note, this is a first come first serve basis.  Limited to 12 people (8 Rising Stars and 4 FEI Members), we will keep a waiting list.

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Registration is closed, please contact Micky at [email protected] for questions.