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Job Search & Career Planning Roundtable

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Job Search & Career Planning Roundtable 

“The Job Search & Career Planning Roundtable held me accountable in each step of  my job search. I left every meeting with renewed confidence and energy, and eventually landed a new and rewarding job.” —Craig Fairlee
Date: Wednesday, November 14th [and every 2nd Wednesday of each month]
Time: 8:00am – 11am
Location: Vita Companies 900 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View
Gain Clarity on How Best to Advance Your Career
Come to this monthly roundtable to develop a structured plan for your next step in your career. With more than 10,000 CFOs in Silicon Valley, it’s a highly-competitive market. Simply waiting for your next opportunity to present itself is risky and suboptimal. Moreover, it’s futile to wait for recruiters’ calls and to apply for jobs online.
Exchange Strategic insights – Career Moves are High Stakes; Job Search is Lonely
No matter what stage you are in, this roundtable will help you to uncover new ideas and strategies that you would not find on your own and activate you to take steps forward. Work through real-life challenges/ dilemmas / roadblocks with others in a highly confidential, interactive and deep discovery format led by a proven executive coach.
Stage 1 – Target
How do I position myself for the right opportunities e.g. role and company?
What’s the best way to pivot to a different role, industry, etc.?
What’s a “good/ bad” resume and LinkedIn profile?
Stage 2 – Search
What are the dangers that can short-circuit my search efforts
How do I network effectively to find the “hidden job market?”
How do I leverage LinkedIn and other tools?
What should I expect from recruiters? And VCs?
I’m applying for jobs but getting little traction. What more should I do?
What can I do about age discrimination?
How do I navigate through complex interviews?
I’ve got to late stages but no offers. What am I doing wrong?
Stage 3 – Negotiate and Close
What “power” do I have?
How do I set the stage for a win-win?
What should I negotiate?
Make sure you get a seat at the table
The FEI Job Search & Career Planning Roundtable meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 8–11 am. Attendance is limited, so pre-register now to make sure a spot is reserved for you. The program fee is $50 per meeting.
Questions? Contact Micky Robledo


About the facilitator

Ron Yu is Managing Partner at ExecCatalyst and a Platinum Partner with FEISV. As an executive coach, he has helped over 1000 Silicon Valley professionals through successful job search and career transitions. Ron brings more than 20 years of experience in hyper-growth Silicon Valley software companies; therefore, he brings first-hand experience and context to effective high tech career planning.


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Continental Breakfast



Registration is closed, please contact Micky at [email protected] for questions.