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Executives In-Transition Roundtable

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Whether you’re in transition, marketing your consulting practice, or just want to stay sharp in today’s changing business environment, you can’t afford to get caught without a plan. That’s why FEI provides a peer-to-peer resource group to help you take — and keep — control of your career: The Executives in Transition Roundtable

It’s not the same market out there

When it comes to networking, a coffee at Starbucks doesn’t do it anymore. In fact, it’s not even the market that made sense five years ago. Today’s financial companies are filling vacancies and finding advisors with game-changing online tools that probably didn’t exist when you began your career.

With more than 10,000 CFOs in Silicon Valley, the supply of top-notch talent is far greater than the demand. In this highly-competitive market, where the average turnover rate for CFOs is just three years, financial executives who are proactively using new tools have key advantages.

And those that don’t are already being left behind.

Stop reacting and take control

No matter where you are in your career path, the Executives in Transition Roundtable offers you key strategies you need to keep your career on track.

  • You’ll become part of a strong community where you’ll…
  • Share leads and opportunities in a group with a proven track record of helping members find profitable work.
  • Develop new skills, benefit from strategic thinking and get peer-to-peer support.
  • Analyze and develop solutions to real-life challenges facing group members.
  • Work through common barriers like age discrimination, industry domain pivots and VC/investor requirements.
  • Create and implement effective targeting strategies.
  • Expand your professional networks.
  • And much, much more…

Make sure you get a seat at the table
The Executives in Transition Roundtable meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 8 AM–11 AM. Attendance is limited, so pre-register now to make sure a spot is reserved for you. The program fee is $50 per meeting.

Note: Participation in the Executives in Transition Roundtable is limited to FEI members who are CFOs or members of an Executive Finance Team. If you would like to attend additional meetings prior to deciding to join FEI, contact Craig Fairlee ([email protected]).

“The Executives in Transition Roundtable helped me by holding me accountable for my job search. I always left the meetings with renewed confidence and energy, and eventually landed a new and rewarding job.” —Craig Fairlee

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Registration is closed, please contact Micky at [email protected] for questions.