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Joining a committee is the best way to maximize the value of your membership. You’ll get to know more FEI members, drive chapter activities, and help make our chapter more successful! Remember too, many hands make light work.

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Current FEISV Committees


Attracts speakers and coordinates programs that are entertaining, topical and relevant to the membership, with sufficient advance scheduling to allow event promotion.



Attracts new members to FEISV, welcomes and engages new members in chapter activities, and advocates for existing members. Focuses on identifying and attracting the next generation of financial leaders as well as senior finance executives from underserved companies in our area. Continuously provides visibility into FEI’s resources and creates opportunities for involvement and growth within the organization. Recruits and selects candidates for FEISV’s annual CFO Readiness Academy.



Provides the main point of contact with all current and prospective Partners. Maximizes relationships with Partners. Monitors Partner involvement and satisfaction consistent with goals set by the Board and chapter leadership.


Professional Development

Creates and manages a series of professional development seminars presented by Chapter Platinum and Marquee Partners. Seminars are aimed at enhancing the knowledge of members over a broad range of financial topics within curriculum areas established by the Committee. Sources presenters and executives-in-residence consistent with curriculum areas for FEISV’s annual CFO Readiness Academy.


Academic Relations

Collaborates with Bay Area universities and professors, interviews and selects scholarship candidates, and awards scholarships. Maintains contact with Scholarship award winners during their career advancement by encouraging and facilitating FEISV’s Rising Stars Advisory Board.



Supports financial executive career planning, management and execution, including fostering a network environment to assist members in transition with identifying new opportunities. Collects and distributes leads, hosts networking events with speakers. Serves as interface with recruiting community. Hosts the CFO Alliance career coaching program.


Communications & SOCIAL MEDIA

Develops and implements chapter communications with members, including the website, social media and email newsletter. Manages promotion to prospective members and media partnerships. Maintains and updates the chapter website and other internet presences. Includes chapter public relations activities.


Special Events & Affinity Groups

Enriches the chapter experience through added social and special events including a holiday party, golf and bocce tournament scholarship fundraisers. Fosters organic development of special-interest affinity groups, and facilities their growth and events.


National Relations

Assists the Chapter President and leadership in monitoring and influencing actions by FEI leadership and staff affecting the Chapter. Manages nomination and selection of candidates for Chapter awards, and nominations of chapter candidates for National awards. Recruits and facilitates volunteers for FEI national committees from among Chapter members.


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